The Fate of Us

When I was younger, I made a wish on a star to find true love—what little girl doesn’t? Unfortunately, I didn’t know what love was until the boy across the street stole my heart then all but disappeared from my life. Now years of ridiculously high dating standards and walls around my heart have left me no closer to finding Mr. Right.

Now Preston is back. He’s older, sexier, and even more charming, and he’s trying harder than ever to be my friend again. I still see traces of the old Preston, my best friend, but can I look beyond the hurt he caused to give him another chance at friendship?

I know one small touch from him and I will cave, causing every part of me to shatter. I had lived a life without Preston—I had a choice to make. Was I ready to stop fighting against everything I’d always wanted?

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Loved it!

I just had the pleasure of reading a debut novel and I am in love!! ❤ The Fate of Us by Brooke Parker is absolutely amazing! Maddie and Preston have the most amazing chemistry and it made the book such a joy to read! I've been in a book funk lately, nothing really keeping my interest but this book caught it and kept it! I can not wait to read Payton's story! 😍

AMAZON - Haley Sue

This was my first Brooke Parker book and I wasn't disappointed. I enjoyed the back and forth age time line to understand the two main characters better. Honestly I thought I had this book figured out pretty easy, but she went in and threw a couple of curve balls on me that made me cry my eyes out. Paige and Nate I LOVE they are the legit definition of #bestFriendGoals. Maddie is a character girls are going to look up to. I'm looking forward to more from Brooke

Goodreads - Mykayla Wilson

A must read!!!

I had the pleasure of reading this debut novel, and what a sweet, sexy, complex, and beautiful story! I couldn't put it down! The banter and chemistry between Preston and Maddie was incredible. The storyline is very unique with twists and turns I didn't see coming. I highly recommend you snuggle with a cup of coffee and settle in because once you start, you won't stop.


Five star read

I received this book as an ARC in exchange for a review. I loved this wonderful and sweet book. All the characters were amazing, but may favorites of course were Maddi and Preston. This is a very well written engaging love story. I am very excited for Payton's book and hopefully a book for a few of the other characters!

AMAZON - Blair

New author Brooke Parker has created a beautifully written story about the joys and heartache of first love. Preston and Maddie are loveable characters who readers will root for at the turn of every page. I can't wait for more from this author!

Goodreads - Ami

I am Brooke Parker
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Brooke Parker is an emerging romance author. She's sassy, sarcastic, and fun loving. Brooke loves bringing quirky, lighthearted, and lovable characters to life. Born and raised in Texas, Brooke is married to her high school sweetheart and has the best children ever.

Writing a book was never something Brooke thought to accomplish in life, but when the stories in her head took over, the words poured out. She’s hopeless to a good love story.

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